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Pentagonik was founded in Berlin in 2005 as a platform for electronic music and events. Pentagonik consists of two branches dedicated to releasing high-quality electronic music.
As a co-founder i'm responsible for most of the flyer, cover artwork, logo and the website.

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Netaudio goes clubbing. A series of parties called Netlag in 2006, which for the first time generated a regular string of netaudio events from the increasing artist crowds emerging from the netlabel landscape in Europe. I was responsible for the overall artwork, flyer and poster.

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Schwedenparty is a collective of various international crews organizing events in Berlin and Sweden. They combine the unique Berlin art and music scene with Scandinavian sub cultural highlights. The events are non-commercial and depend on the people participating. Schwdenparty organizes open air festivals for several days each, one on a former red army military base nearby Berlin and another one on a lonely island in the spectacular archipelago of the Swedish west coast.

  • 2008
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Café Noir

Café Noir is located in Berlin-Schöneberg and famous for it's unique breakfast, great business lunch and excellent coffee and brownies. They also offer fairtrade coffee and tea as well as exclusively home-cooked food.

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Demir & Seymen

Demir & Seymen are Özgür Demir and Sencer Seymen. The pair have been producing electronic music together since February 2008. Influenced by Hip Hop, R&B and Dark Metal, their music covers a wide spectrum from laid back Deep House to straight Techno, from groovy club music to deep and meditative DJ sets. Their debut release “Chiclown” featured three tracks that spent several weeks in the Beatport charts. The follow up EP on Highgrade entitled “Backshaker” found diverse DJ support from the likes of Johnny D, Richie Hawtin and Barem.

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Netaudio Festival Berlin

Netaudio Berlin is an assortment of characters, all of them music enthusiasts and interested in innovating forms and structures above all with a strong passion for netaudio. The Berlin Crew has benefited from their experience during the previous Berlin Festival in 2007 and from their involvement with international partners in London, Moscow, Barcelona and Bologna.
Max from was doing the excellent concept and design, I programmed the Wordpress-based website.

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Aastra Deutschland

As a leading global enterprise communications provider, Aastra delivers business communication solutions that truly shine above the rest. Entirely dedicated to enterprise communications, Aastra offers one of the most complete portfolios of unified communications solutions individually tailored to satisfy its customers’ requirements. With a strong focus on open standards, Aastra enables enterprises to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.
I'm responsible for most of the companies printed matter.

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Hansestadt Hamburg

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, one of the 16 states of the federation, is the second largest city in Germany with its 1.7 million inhabitants.
I was working for compuccino and developing the basic grid and elements.

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Berliner Morgenpost

The Berliner Morgenpost is a Berlin newspaper founded in 1898. The Morgenpost has a circulation of 134.034, reaching a total of 460.000 daily readers. The Berliner Morgenpost is the second most widely read newspaper in the capital, the newspaper is published daily.
I was working for compuccino and developing the basic grid and various elements.

Berliner Morgenpost Bild 1

Trattoria á Muntagnola

Trattoria á Muntagnola is a family owned and run restaurant and very different from other italian restaurants, the kitchen is from an area south of Campania.
I was doing the logo, print design and a concept for the website.

  • 2007
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Jurawerk is a young law firm that combines traditional legal practice with modern services in the field of intellectual property and IT law.

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Economind is a consulting firm with a focus on individual consultation and implementation in the areas of strategy consulting, process optimization and controlling for selected industries.

  • Since 2005
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TIC mobile

TIC-mobile is specialized in providing innovative software solutions for mobile devices. Based on their Mobile Application Expertise, they develop mobile software solutions like Apps, Widgets and Browser-Solutions. Their portfolio covers concept, design, development and testing for all major platforms: iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and J2ME.
I was working for compuccino and helping the company with various printed matter.

  • 2008
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Praxis Doll

Dr Doll is an internist with a practice provided by a GP in the south of Berlin. In his rooms there is a positive and pleasant atmosphere, the patient as a person is at the center.

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